Saturday, January 31

Wow. Time do past by. My last post was 5 years ago. This blog was created around 2005, and now it is already 2015, 10 freakin years man haha!

Monday, June 14

MoreNiche introduces Split Commission Technology

MoreNiche has done it again! Now what does Split Commission Technology means?

It simply means that all people involved in getting the customer to buy a product gets a piece of the pie.

Example: Potential buyer wants to buy diet pills. Potential buyer goes to look for more information and reviews of diet pills. Potential buyer visits my site and clicked on my affiliate link. But potential buyer decided not to buy today but goes on to other sites to look for more information, goes to John's and Ben's review site. And finally, potential buyer bought the diet pill.

Result : I get $$$ because I introduced the customer first, and so too the other affiliate like John and Ben. Of course Ben has a bigger piece of the pie since he closes the sale.

Now, there's a possibility the buyer might take months, maybe years before deciding to buy the product but it does not matter since MoreNiche offers lifetime cookies, which simply means you still get commissions for it.

Thursday, May 13

Election Sibu 2010

With the election happening at Sibu this weekend, town's pretty crowded. Very crowded. Kinda irritated with it, since most roads are pretty packed at most time. Wish it would be over soon and life can continue as usual ...