Monday, September 29

My new pilot

Say hello to Koenig :P

P/S : Looks similar like Hitler lah you, maybe his cousin kot? Mwhahahahaha ...

Old hobby never dies ...

So okay, after quiting remote controlled r/c powerboats three years ago, this year I'm back again in the scene.

This time, the sky's the limit!

This year, I have acquired the following r/c helicopters and r/c planes.

- Align Trex 450 SE V2 helicopter

- Honey Bee King 2 or HBK2 heli, equipped with Bell 222 fuselage

- Misubishi Zero Fighter r/c plane

- SAPAC T45 Goshawk ducted jet (Foam version)

And lastly, my remote control transmitter, as always, from Futaba. I have been using Futaba stuffs back then with good results. Reliable, rugged and tough. The only thing is the price.

This Futaba T7C 2.4GHz is quite new on the market, hence the price is still high. I bought it around March for RM1k ++. Expensive but I'm satisfied anyway, all the features and programming made easy. And being 2.4GHz, say bye bye to glitches.

Oh yeah, I have also launched a new r/c forum at This forum is to cater all r/c enthusiast from all over Sarawak and Sabah. Hence, the borneo name there. If you are into r/c stuffs, don't forget to check out the forum.