Sunday, December 30

End of 2007

Yup, 2007 is almost ending, one more day left before we start a new year. 2008.

A new beginning.

As I reflect back on 2007, a lot had happened this year in my life. Good things, bad things too :). But I'm glad most of it were good ones anyway. Started to earn some extra cash from my online money making quest, passed my PTK papers, and lastly I got my transfer to a new school. Wohoo, finally God hears my prayers :P. I've asked for transfers for a few years now and I got it this year. I can safely say that 2007 is kinda a lucky year for me.

Hmmmmm however, I haven't planned my new year resolution for 2008. Ok, for last year's resolution, most of it were achieved already and went straight with the plan. However, I've been having difficulty in one, that is my quest to try to stop smoking. Damm, I'll add that one to my 2008 list, first priority :P.

Christmas was normal for me, with guest and all that visiting stuff. Dunno, kinda boring this year anyway. All my friends were back in town, so we had some fun in remembering-back-the-old-days gathering hehe.

Anyway, thats all I can write tonight. It's 5 am here so Im kinda blur ... :P

Monday, December 24

Seasons Greetings from

Wishing all readers of a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 2

Crysis review

Got this game last week and finished playing it a few days later. For those of you who are blur about what Crysis is, Crysis is a science fiction, first person shooter computer game that was developed by Crytek and published by EA (Electronics Arts), and is the first game of a planned trilogy. Players will engage in battles between the North Korean armies and extra terrestrial aliens.The game is set in the year 2020, at a tropical island called the Lingshan Islands located in the Philippines sea.

Players will assume the role of United States Delta Force operator Jake Dunn, call sign "Nomad". Nomad is armed with hi tech weaponry, most notably his nano suit, which I bet you all will love like I did. The nano suit has a few modes built in such as maximum armor mode, maximum strength mode, maximum speed mode and my favorite cloak mode, which enables you to cloak yourself and be invisible from the enemies prying eyes. (now I know how Predator feels when he stalks his enemies from behind hehehehe)

Crysis uses Microsoft's new API, Direct X 10 for its graphics rendering, and includes the same editor that was used by Crytek to create the game, which you can use to try creating some levels for fun.

However, after completing the game, I found out several bugs that can get quite annoying. Especially the trigger bugs, e.g you complete a level and arrives at the end of a certain level but nothing happens. The only way to counter this bug is to restart the whole level or reload some old save games a few steps back and replay it. Very frustrating indeed, especially when you spend hours to complete a difficult level and realized that the bug got you stucked at the end of that level. Argh!

And the weaponry thingy. In the year 2020, the weapons should be more advanced than the ones used now but in the game, most of the weapons are basically old school types, which to me is very unrealistic to be used in that supposedly year. Most notable is the FY-71 assault rifle, which is basically a remodeled 5.45mm AK47, which to me is very very unrealistic to be used in the year 2020 setting. If the army can afford to build the super nano suits which supposedly cost billions, why can't they design a better weapon?

Just my 0.02 cents ...


Went to Kuching last week, spent a few days there. Was shopping stuffs for my my new computers. Bought a decent intel LGA775 motherboard packed with e4500 2.2ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 gigs of Corsair memory modules (not high performance thou), 160gb hardisk (meh, I dont need that much space after all), a EN8500GT Asus 3d card and AVF computer casing. The whole setup ran good and I was satisfied with it. Got it for RM1.5k which is quite cheap already. Anyway, next month I might go to Kuching again, I have some more parts that I want to get and to settle some unfinished business.

While I was there, Hitman the movie was showing at the cinema so I went to have a look. Not bad, the whole movie is packed with action scenes that is gonna guarantee you will sit down still in your chair. But, that's my view as a movie goer. Hitman was adopted from the famous Eidos game bearing the same title. The game has 4 series, which I have played all and totally enjoyed. Looks like the storyline in the movie version differs a bit when Hitman aka 47 got himself entangled in a relation with a women. Meh, maybe it's to spice up the movie I guess. A hero must have a heroin sort of thingy.