Tuesday, December 30

Alert : Fake carbon fiber helicopter blade on sale

Watch out when buying CF heli blades, a friend discovered this when he broke his. Bought it at Hong Kong. The outer surface feels and looks like real carbon fiber weave, but its actually a sticker pattern imprinted on the blade surface. Inside is filled with foam like material and strengthened by a piece of CF tube.

Cheap alternative but deadly. Imagine those blades breaking in mid flight and flying towards your eyes ...

Wednesday, December 24

A new gadget

Bought a new gadget, Nikon D60. Got it around 2.2k. My package comes with a D60 body and one basic lens, one free bag, tripod, 2 piece of 2GB SD card, lens cleaning kit and lens filter.

Overall, I'm impressed. Pictures taken with this camera looks nice too. Looking forward to get a better lens soon, maybe a good telephoto lens for me to zoom in farther.

See below for some sample pictures I've taken.

More updates soon, stay tuned.

Monday, December 8

School holiday again ...

Yep, it's the school holiday again here.


Original plan was to maybe fully enjoy my holiday by resting my mind abit, but so many side project burdens me at this moment. Especially on my niche sites and my recently opened r/c hobby shop.

Christmas is coming soon too. No idea on what I'm gonna get this year. Presents, presents, presents ... most important package surely for my GF at UK. Can't send late, for fear it won't reach UK on time. Others can be a lil late I guess, since it's all local here.

Owh well, that's all for today. I'll jot down a few more when I have the time later, chow.