Saturday, July 22

Awake, at last ...

It's been 2 months since I last posted here. Alot of things have happened around me, can't barely cope with it. The UPSR is coming soon, so expect less update since I'm gonna be very,very very busy preparing my students. Ahhhh ... sometimes, feels like this is not the type of job that I wanna do. Alot of stress factor. No wonder that day, on a new report that I read not so long ago stated that somewhere in the Peninsular M'sia at a mental institute, 60% of the occupants were former teachers. I guess I can understand that now. Very, very challenging and tiring for the mentally unprepared and you get underpaid too (extra work, extra classes, being the school caretaker .. etc..) ... I guess that why they say a teacher must be ikhlas and dedicated ...

Anyway, take a look on the pictures below.

At the Gawai dinner 2006, held at Dewan Suarah Sibu.

The next day, after recovering from all those hangovers, I quickly went to Sengan to fetch the pig that my dad ordered for the Gawai celebration. Picture shows the place @ langkau, where the pig where kept. It only weight 35 kg, but the going down and up the hill made the journey tiring. Huh, guess I need to rev up my exercise proggies after this ... need to lose all those extra fats :) Second picture was taken at Menyan, at my village. This is where we prepare the pig for comsumption ... yummy.


A picture of a Gawai scene ... my friend there is lying down already, must be all those JD's, Walkies and Label 5's ... hehe


Shortly before the end of my Gawai holiday, my father was promoted and transferred to KL. He'll be working at Unit Drama Radio, Angkasapuri. Huh, it was so sad for me since we'll be separated and the other family members are joining him to KL too. So, that leaves me here, all alone. Well, I guess it's life thou ... challenges come and go. The picture was taken at his farewell party. I wish you all the best dad!

The Mukah coastal highway ... it has reached Matading now, so the one's left is the connection road to Balingian ...

Forest burning ... it's for all the ladang's here at Mukah and Balingian. Hmmm ... with the current hazy weather condition and with the smokes coming from Indon, is this legal? I wonder why there is no action from the deparments concerned??? IMHO, Sarawakian do need to import Karam Singh Walia here ... :)