Friday, September 28

PayPal enables withdrawal to Visa card for Malaysian?

Yup, when I logged in to my PayPal just now, I saw that they have enabled the ability to withdraw funds into the Visa card. However, they will charge $5 for the transfer fee.

I really want to test this, but errr I have like a few cents in my PayPal now so nope. Anybody out there wanna try this and see if it works? If it works, then this is truly a good news for Malaysians. PayPal has -cough cough- finally accepted us :P

Wednesday, September 26

Jerita Dayang Laing

An award winning short video from Kenny William Nyallau, a must see for Iban's.

Tuesday, September 25

Gimp - Free image manipulation tool

Excerpt from the site :

"GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages."

My view : It is a cool tool, similar to Photoshop. It's size is small, and handy enough to be carried around in your USB handy drive. The results obtain after experimenting with a few image manipulation? Quite good, nearly as good as what you will get using Photoshop.

Get it at

Google Adwords Learning Center

If you're an AdWords advertiser, Google Advertising Professional, or just interested in learning more about AdWords, you can use our free training to sharpen your AdWords knowledge. We offer both multimedia and text lessons to match your preferred learning style. While lessons are organized to build upon previous ones, you can skip between topics and take them in any way you like. After each lesson, test your knowledge by taking a quiz. Because so much is covered, you probably can't complete training in one sitting (without the help of caffeine), so return often. Content is updated regularly to keep you current.

My view : This is a goldmine of information, and best of all it's free. A must visit site.

Sunday, September 23

Nvu - a free open source WYSIWYG

Nvu (pronounced N-view)

"Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (which stands for "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML"

This is among the best free tools that I have used, get your free copy at

Tuesday, September 18

Superman wannabe

When I was a kid, I remembered asking mum to buy me one of these. Was so happy when I got the suit. I would dash around the house and pretended that I was flying hehe. Kids huh?

I also remembered seeing the news about some kids that actually threw themselves out of some high buildings, wearing those cape, trying to fly like Superman. That was when the government banned it and it was never sold again. Lucky for me, I was a bright kid that was sane enough to know that I don't have powers like Superman and attempt a jump hehehe :P.

What happened to my cape anyway? Meh, one day my teacher asked all the kids in my class to bring unused rags and clothes for a mass classroom cleaning. I remembered asking mum for some unused rags but there was none. Instead, mum cut my cape and that was the end for my suit. Waaaaaaa ... imagine using superman's cape to clean your classroom window pane -_-"

Monday, September 17

The Ninja RPG

I have been playing this browser based game for over a year and a half. It is a game based on the japanese anime hit series Naruto. It's quite interesting to play. You start the game by joining a village and becoming an Academy Ninja student, where you will be taught all the arts of ninja . There are several villages available in the game to join but each has it's own pros and cons.You take a while at first to familiarize yourself with all the gaming elements but when you are settled, you will enjoy the game for sure.

Alot of players play this game, and I mean it. The last time I checked, it was like 50k. 50k of players all over the world. I have met alot of new friends thru this game and I am very thankful for that (met my brit girlfriend there too :P)

The game will expand in the future, releasing a new version called Core 2. It will be better than the one now and will be filled with alot of new game features. So, what are you waiting for, check it out now!

Click here to join The Ninja RPG

Friday, September 14

Payment received from MoreNiche

I woke up that day when I realized I have an SMS on the phone. I was shocked!

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Whoaaaaaa ... finally I got a sale at MoreNiche.

Commision USD$175 converted to RM is around RM609. Quite lucrative for a single sale indeed. And all I did was to direct the customer to the main site, thats all, quite easy. And what's cool? They will automatically send you an SMS to your phone if there are any confirmed sales.

I quickly went to MoreNiche site to check out my stats there.

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Yup, confirmed. It was a confirmed sale. And that didn't took long. I mean I joined MoreNiche last August and I got my first sale the next month after that. Cool! Imma work harder on these. I'll keep you guys updated.

Along Bukit Beruntung

Thursday, September 13

Easy WiFi Radar

Some things in life should be free. Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. And we're giving it away for your PC.

If you have ever tried to use Windows XP's built-in connection manager, you know what a hassle it can be to quickly check your mail or browse the web on the go. You need to browse through a list of access points, find one that you can connect to, manually try to connect to it, confirm the connection and then wait. Even if it says that's it connected, often it doesn't open a webpage or you mail will stall. Easy WiFi Radar automates all of this. It's main goal is to let you get your mail or surf the web without having to go through all of the connection trouble, and without having to pull your creditcard. Just run it and it'll connect you for FREE to the internet. It doesn't get easier than this.

Note : Get this cool tool now. You can connect to any hot spot hassle free with this tool. Recommended. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 9

Fuel station filling tip

Ok, this is something I had in mind for a long time. Let me share the tips with you guys ...

Fuel station. Yeah, we go there almost everyday to fill up our car's empty tank. You go there and pay RM20 for some fuel. But, here's the catch, you may not be getting what you are paying for. You pay RM20 doesnt mean RM20 worth of petrol/diesel is gonna go into your tank. Confused? Watch the pictures below ...

You see, there a some fuel leftovers left at the hose. The leftover fuel will be pumped back into the machine. And there goes your fuel ^_^".

How to counter measure it? Easy. Look at the next picture.
Just park your car where your fuel cap is facing the opposite direction of the fuel pump you want to use. This will ensure that the fuel pump hose becomes straight and there will be no fuel leftovers left inside. Quite plausible huh? Anyway, I've tested it and it does work but abit lah. But abit will become alot if you really think about it. Happy trying! ^_^

Weekend again ...

As usual, went fishing with Nick again. This time, we are testing a new site at the end of Lanang Road, near Sukun. It's a jetty that has a long bridge. Quite nice and as you can see in the picture, it's brightly lit. We got a few catches but that was it, nothing special for our bragging rights. Maybe next time?

Wednesday, September 5

UPSR 2007

Just got back from Mukah. So tired. Was chosen as a Pengawas UPSR and monitor the kids having their exam for 3 days at SK Mukah. Anyway, Im off to bed now, so damm tired. Later.

Sunday, September 2

Flags everywhere!!!

Every year, when National Day is near, we see a lot of flags put up everywhere ...

On cars ...

Bikes ...


But, take a look at this ...

See something?

Closer view ...

Yup, crazy huh? Would you risk your life to put that flag up there? -_-"