Saturday, July 11

New r/c gadget coming soon - FMA Direct CO Pilot 2

Ordered this heli and plane stabilisation kit from the US, should be arriving here soon. Can't wait to test it on my heli :)

Planning to put this on my future big heli, nice to know if you screw up in flight (dumb thumb moments), you can save your expensive heli from crashing by using this device as it will recover your heli back into a level flight, thus giving you a chance to save it.

Priced under $250, this kit is definetely cheaper than other heli stabilisation kit available in the market now such as expensive Helicommand, priced around $500+ >_<". I will be testing this on my 450 heli platform and write down my review afterwards, so be sure to checkout my site again later to read it.
For more info, click this offici
al FMA direct link to read more about this amazing gadget.


Post updated - 13th July 2009

Kit came today, lookin nice with all the stuffs packed inside a nice box. Been studying everything and planning where to put em on my heli. Below are some pictures of it.

Neat packaging eh? I've always like things in black ...

Stuffs inside

Parts layout - avionics computer, IRnet router and programmer, main sensor and vertical sensor, cable ties, mounting and sticky tapes.

The IRnet programmer.

More on this later, finishing my heli installation right now, been abandoned for like weeks now due to my focus on KFm2 Zagnutz flying wing project, which was a success.