Friday, March 24

The Sign

Was on the way back from Mukah to Sibu .... when I encountered numerous blockades ( more than 10, actually!!!). Hmmmmm ... normally this would be the signs that election is coming soon, very very soon ....

Whatever goes up, MUST bring others up too!

Fuel price crisis is affecting everyone. Just like the picture below. Was lepaking at Kuching during the holidays when I saw this. No need for me to show the kedai to you, this is a famous one ... opposite the waterfront ...


Passed by Durin ferry the other day. What a view. Can't imagine if tourist saw this stuff. Huh ... mentality issues here ...

Monday, March 6

Nyamai endar ...

Hehe ... don't think yang bukan2 pulak about the title ... actually i wanna talk about my experience at school.

Came back from mukah to sibu on friday evening. So tired after driving for hours. So, I went straight to bed after mandi n all that stuff. Woke around midnight I think.

Darkness surrounds me. It was dark in my room, obviously since I didn't turn the lights. Like to sleep in the dark I suppose. I switched on the lights, then lay my back on the bed again. Stared for quite a long time at the lampu.

Nyamai endar ....
Ditu, suka ati jak aku ulih ngena electricity.
Din, aba school .... duhhhhhhhh
Have to use generators ... nya pun enda stable. Sometimes rosak. Ngaga hal enjin sekula. Sampai kan aku tok nyau tiba-tiba aja terpaksa belajar nyetat enjin, maintainance n all sorts of thing. Pecah piston, tukar piston. Putus belting, tukar belting. Kelalu rua, adjust jetting minyak, idle beri kurang. Sema jako, nye bc sijil ngadu ka enjin hehehehe ...


(Enjin lama ... sakit mauk start owhhh ...)


Peluh tusur ...


Model baru. Nyamai start. Tapi enti battery starter rosak, abis cerita. Originaly was intended to power the small water pump to supply water to all the teachers quarters, made available to schools courtesy of Azair Sdn. Bhd. Thanks to them coz without it, we woulnt be able to enjoy fresh underground water yg ditapis sebersih bersihnya ( ada reverse osmosis lagi tu!! canggih owhh ... ang ingat elken jak bisi!) Later on, the genset was modified by us to supply both electricity and water at the same time to all quarters. Hope govment can supply more types of this engine since this is a very reliable engine. Unlike previous years, engines supplied to the schools are robust, poor quality and has a typically short life span. Unknown brand, mostly made in china(refer to pic 1 n 2). 3 engines were supplied and things started to go wrong during the first 6 months. After 3 years exact, all three unit fail. Nemu aku, sapa ka rugi ba tender enjin, tapi at least choose la a reliable brand. Enda ibuh nganjung sampai 3 unit, siti aja umbas enti enjin nya amat2 tan. Dibekal ka brand sengapa, hasilnya pun mestilah sengapa gak.


Nyamai endar diau d pasar. Enda ibuh kiruh ka utai baka nyak tadi. Bersyukur lah bala-bala cikgu lain ka diposting orang ngagai endur ka cukup perengka, cukup kemudahan.

Ehh ... umbas nyak, nyau nadai idea agi ka naip tok. Ila aku nyambung baru, mupok aku.