Sunday, October 4

AXN Floater glider

Maidened this plane last week. Hell, this is sure a keeper. It flies nice and glides around, motor off. Managed to fly around 15 minutes before I landed it for fear my old lipo pack couln't take it. Below are in flight video taken with my new pen spy cam, enjoy!

Sidenote : Hmmmm ... maybe I need an aeroplane gyro to stabilise the plane later, video's kinda twitchy, gotta soften it a bit.

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Farewell Aki Nundu and Rimau ... I'll miss you two!

Penghulu Ampi Anak Penghulu Pilang

Last month was really a bad month for me. My grandfather passed away. A week after that, one of my cat went too. Really, it was kinda depressing.

Gramps passed away on the 6th September 2009. It was Sunday, around 6 pm something. I was asleep at that time, awoken upon hearing the cries of my family members, I rushed downstairs to check and there he was, laying lifeless on his bed, gone already.

I did took a few moments to calm myself and went outside the house for a smoke, wondering if it was a bad dream or not. But nope, it was all real and true. My minds were kinda empty, my eyes blank and staring. After finishing my cigarette outside the house, I quickly went back in to check and help them do the preparations.

To cut the story short, the next few days was very busy, tiring and hectic. Many family members came, as well as others, friends and relatives who knew my grandfather. He was a Penghulu back then, as well as his father too. Having served the people for almost 30 year, surely he has made many connections and befriended various people.

Scene at the Sacred Heart Catholic church

I will always love and miss you, aki. Farewell, may God bless your soul ...

Farewell to you too Rimau, you're one of the best cat I've ever had. Sis cried the most when you left, obviously coz you are her favourite. You will be missed by your brothers and sister too. We hope you'll be happy up there with gramps, take care of him there eh? Miss you so much Rimau :)