Saturday, May 3

Iron Man review

Was watching Iron Man The Movie just now. All I can tell that the movie was quite impressive, laden with special effects and gripping storyline.

For those in the dark about who is Iron Man, here is some info. Iron Man was a popular comic book character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His name was Tony Stark, head of weapons manufacturing company called Stark Industries. He was a successful businessman, dealing mainly with genius weapons designs and gadgets. He was a genius inventor, graduating top in his class at MIT and the heir to his dad's company. Both of his parent perished in a car crash.

The movie version was a bit different from the original comic version that I use to read when I was a kid. Instead of being an anti-communist and fighting Vietnamese agents (Hey, it was vietnam war back then) in the movie they changed it to pre Gulf War era. Robert Downey Jr. was given the role of Iron Man in this movie, and believe me, he's damm funny in the movie, good job there ;)

Okay okay, no no no I won't spoil the story for you guys out there. Better go watch the movie for yourself. This is one of the most anticipated movie of 2008 and it's worth your money, seriously.

I'd give it a rating of 9 out 10.

Next incoming movie review, the sequel to the Indiana Jones series ... stay tuned!