Sunday, March 16

Maybank introduces the Maybankard Visa Debit

Excerpt from Maybank's official site,

Owners of Maybank savings or current account aged eighteen (18) years of age and in full legal capacity to manage the card account can apply to use this card. To get it, just visit the nearest Maybank branch near you. If you are a new customer, open up a savings or current account and opt for the Maybankard Visa Debit when you fill in the application form. The cost for the card will be around RM12 for new customer. For existing current and savings account customers, they can apply for the brand new Maybankard Visa Debit, free of charge.

One question. I wonder if we can connect PayPal to this account? If it is possible, then say goodbye to my other debit card account since I prefer to use Maybank's services instead, they have been very very reliable for me, and I like that.

Friday, March 14

Asus P750 review

Bought this phone on February. The reason I didn't release the review out soon was to give me some time to properly test it.

The black packaging for the ASUS P750 is very impressive indeed. In the box, you will find one piece of USB synchronisation and charge cable, a quick start guide and the user manual book, a wall socket charger, a stereo hands-free kit, two CD containing manuals and essential softwares, a black leather pouch, a spare stylus pen and a spare 1300mAH battery. My phone came with a 2 gig microSD memory card, which is a lot to me already.

Thou P750 design looks rather similar to the P526, the difference is that the P750 has a dark brushed aluminium frame. The screen is TFT 2.6-inch in size and displays 65k colours in 240 times 320 pixel.

P750 is quite light, weights around 130g. This is no fingerprint magnet, because all the exposed surface of the device, except the screen of course, is dark matte. Cosmetically, the P750 is very business-like and should appeal to corporate customers.

The P750 features a 3 mega pixel camera that has an auto focus and macro. Serious photography should not be expected with the P750, but it should be adequate to cater the needs for normal everyday snapshots.

There's a GPS antenna socket located at the side. Just plug in an in-car external GPS antenna, mount the phone in the supplied car mount kit and you're ready to go anywhere, navigation ready. P750 comes with the SiRF StarIII chip, popular due to quick satellite connection acquisition. It requires you to be out there in the open thou, being inside the house or any place inside buildings - it can be hard to find those GPS signals.

The good: Numeric keypad for text input, many applications bundled, convenient power switch, car kit bundled in, excellent battery life, leather pouch bundled, large touch screen.

The bad: No navigation maps bundled for GPS applications, ordinary design, camera shutter lag, reception is kinda low in rural area.

The bottom line: P750 is not going to appeal to most users, but it has all the basic functions and some extras.

Some update

Heh, been busy with work.

And busy with my affiliate sites too. Launched two new site,

And hey, got myself a new phone, PDA of course. Got the Asus P750 3.5g pda phone, will review it later.