Sunday, November 26


Ummm ... it's finally holiday. Not so much happening here, except that I've been playing online MMORPG alot ( and nearly reaching Level 30 Special Jounin. Heh, that's 4 month of hard work. My AE90 is nearly out from the garage, it's been there for almost 9 months, due to the extensive engine mod and mods. Finally, my own turbocharged 2 litre AE90! Heh, can't wait for it ... Anyway, that's the only update I can do at the moment ... guess it's back to playing ninja then. Till then, adios!!!

Thursday, November 9

Busy ... Part 2

Ah ... Im at Mukah again. For the second time in two weeks ... Man, I feel tired ;(

But I got a room with the sea view this time ... heh nice ...

Went back on Wednesday and passed the new Durin Bridge ... it's opened to the public now. But, some man hole covers aren't installed yet and I wonder why ... emmmmm

Saturday, November 4

Busy ...

Like always, end of the year would be a freakin busy time for teachers ... alotta courses. Anyway, I went for a course at Kingwood Resort Mukah this week ... will be there again next week for another course .... dang!