Saturday, June 30

Movie Review : Transformers 2007

Went to the cinema just now to watch Michael Bay's Transformers. Was excited to see a part of my childhood heroes comes to life on the big screen. The robots are very cool as much as they can be, in fact, funny - especially Bumble Bee and that lil evil robot.

No comment on the CGI effects - it was so breathtaking and mesmerizing. The movements were fluid, cept for the color, I think it's better if they tone down that blue on Prime a bit, so flashy :P. So, Transformers is really more than meets the eye! By the way OPTIMUS PRIME RULES!!!!

Owh yeah, judging from the end of the movie, I would say that there might be a sequel to the story, but errr that's just my guess. Who knows, maybe some bad person/country/company will atttempt to revive Megatron's and his cronies remains. Well, let's just hope they continue it, shall we?

PS: By the way, any of you guys out there that knows where to get Transformers action figures? -Drools- :P