Tuesday, January 29


If there's one thing I hate about using chalks while teaching, it's this.
It always stains my trousers -_-"

chalk stain

Saturday, January 19

Of online money making and avoiding online scams ...

I've been asked this question a lot of times.

"What do you do at the internet?"

I respond, " I have a blog and a few several websites, I post in my blog as often as I can and I earn money from my other sites by doing affiliate marketing program."

Upon hearing this answer, most of them will frown and give funny faces. Really, it's quite interesting to see people's reaction sometimes.

Yeah, I know what they are thinking, because I used to think like them too not so long ago.

"Can really earn money from the net meh?"
"Haiya, all tipu one lah. Ini mesti another swisscake :P @ swindlecash @ swipecash punya scheme"
"All stuff in internet tipu punya"
"Eh, don't believe it lah. How can computers give us money one?"
"Err ... how to start the computer ahh?"

I don't blame them for thinking like that anyway. The recent case of Swiss Cash last year involving like millions of transaction lost just like that must've really scared them. But, like I said, not all things in the net is a scam, waiting for some unsuspicious guys or girls to enter their deadly web of online deception. It's a matter of choice, really. And by choice, I'm talking about doing the right stuff to make money, the right way.

I don't believe in easy money anyway, even in real life. No, you can't bloody earn 300 - 400% of interest by putting your hard-worked-for-savings in some HYIP thats bound to be closed a few months after you put in 100k that you've loaned from a bank here without thinking about the consequences. Even if you really try to learn more about them, know what? The sites where you were learning about them is a potential scam too. It's what we call a feeder site. It catches visitors and diverts them to the proper sites according to their preferences. But the catch is, those feeder sites are actually owned by the originating site.

You try to learn ---> Feeder sites ( owned by target site) ---> Target site

True, we did indeed did some background check and research. But sometimes the place where you did your research might be in favor of the intended site.

Start doubting if there's too many positive review and good comments about a certain company/products etcc.. in a review style website.

Don't just go to one website to check, read more. And more. Do your background check properly. It might takes some time but it's worth it.

Don't just use Google, use other search engines too. Yahoo, MSN and Altavista it.

Don't just check the results in page 1 search results, go to page 5 or page 10. Heck, checkout until the end of the search results to make sure. Remember, search results in page, 1 to 10 might be in favor of the target and does not told the truth about them. And also there's black hat tactics out there that you can employ to make your site appear in page 1 search engine query. Spam technique, nonetheless.

Having proper knowledge and persevere in seeking the real truth will ensure your success in what ever your online money making ventures is.

Tuesday, January 1

GoDaddy promo codes

If you are using GoDaddy (or plan to use it), here are some promo codes that you can use :

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Enjoy :)