Wednesday, May 6


Been following a lot of tv shows over the years. And to tell you the truth, I stop following lots due to the show going sour, astray, repetitions etc. The show writer's strike last year might have affected and contributed to the derailment of a lot of the tv shows.

I still follow some shows like Supernatural, Hustle and few others. Heroes and Prison Break got ditched from my viewing list a long time ago (they should rename the title "Prison break" into "Prison Break Specialist".

Anyway, this March a new show is showing at my fav channel AXN and it's called Leverage. The cast line up is pretty good, featuring the likes of Timothy Hutton and a few others.

Yeah, I know that this show is like already shown last year on December on other TV networks and already pass it's first season but thing is, I need more shows on tv to kill my time while I'm working on my laptop and stuffs. Otherwise it gets boring, good tv shows are kinda rare these days.

Final thoughts. I just hope this show is not a direct copy of "Hustle", shown in BBC1 last time. We all know how Americans "like" Brits so much eh ;) and how they love to have their own version of anything good. This better be a good copy ...