Monday, April 30

I really hate this ... grrrrrrrrrrr

One thing I really hate about driving in Mukah is this ... the road are already so small in size, and yet these "big bad boys" drive like they own the road or something ... geeez

How to overtake ley????

May you rot in hell -_-"

Boring day?

Yeah ... since the holiday was sooo long this week, I went fishing. Tis good for relaxing the mind. ^_^

Saturday, April 28

Updates ...

Mmmm ... it's been awhile since my last update. So many things happening around me, dizzy XD ...
ST205 + Corolla rocks!!!
Last month, went to get my car conversion project at Kuching. It was nicely done and I had alot of fun with it. Thanks to all members at Kuching which provides alot of help during the entire time of this project, I love you guys! Hahaha ... some pics for you XD