Friday, September 14

Payment received from MoreNiche

I woke up that day when I realized I have an SMS on the phone. I was shocked!

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Whoaaaaaa ... finally I got a sale at MoreNiche.

Commision USD$175 converted to RM is around RM609. Quite lucrative for a single sale indeed. And all I did was to direct the customer to the main site, thats all, quite easy. And what's cool? They will automatically send you an SMS to your phone if there are any confirmed sales.

I quickly went to MoreNiche site to check out my stats there.

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Yup, confirmed. It was a confirmed sale. And that didn't took long. I mean I joined MoreNiche last August and I got my first sale the next month after that. Cool! Imma work harder on these. I'll keep you guys updated.


cozuni said...

congrats on the sale. BTW, how did you make that sale? Im on moreniche too but till now still not making any revenue. said...

Meh ... join under me first lah, I'll tell you the secret hehehehehehehehehe j/k :P