Tuesday, September 18

Superman wannabe

When I was a kid, I remembered asking mum to buy me one of these. Was so happy when I got the suit. I would dash around the house and pretended that I was flying hehe. Kids huh?

I also remembered seeing the news about some kids that actually threw themselves out of some high buildings, wearing those cape, trying to fly like Superman. That was when the government banned it and it was never sold again. Lucky for me, I was a bright kid that was sane enough to know that I don't have powers like Superman and attempt a jump hehehe :P.

What happened to my cape anyway? Meh, one day my teacher asked all the kids in my class to bring unused rags and clothes for a mass classroom cleaning. I remembered asking mum for some unused rags but there was none. Instead, mum cut my cape and that was the end for my suit. Waaaaaaa ... imagine using superman's cape to clean your classroom window pane -_-"

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