Monday, November 12

For Counter Strike fans ...

Damm, CS season is back here.

Almost every weekend, my buddies has been dragging me to the local cybercafe to play with em. Yes, all those sniping, ak47'ing, even cucuk'ing are haunting me back. Heck, I got a new nickname given to me by my buddies --> pisauman--> obviously since I like to flank them and sneak up from behind, stabbing them of whatevers their worth ^_^

Back at home, I also did my training online. You can play this game online now at our neighbor's Philippines server at You'll need to sign up for an account, and then download the server Scout software, which you will use to play the game later.

What you need:
1. Register an account at
2. Download Server Scout V0.92 (1,673 kb)
3. Counter-Strike Source 1.19 Ful(1,136,941 kb)

Thats all. Happy shooting!

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