Sunday, December 30

End of 2007

Yup, 2007 is almost ending, one more day left before we start a new year. 2008.

A new beginning.

As I reflect back on 2007, a lot had happened this year in my life. Good things, bad things too :). But I'm glad most of it were good ones anyway. Started to earn some extra cash from my online money making quest, passed my PTK papers, and lastly I got my transfer to a new school. Wohoo, finally God hears my prayers :P. I've asked for transfers for a few years now and I got it this year. I can safely say that 2007 is kinda a lucky year for me.

Hmmmmm however, I haven't planned my new year resolution for 2008. Ok, for last year's resolution, most of it were achieved already and went straight with the plan. However, I've been having difficulty in one, that is my quest to try to stop smoking. Damm, I'll add that one to my 2008 list, first priority :P.

Christmas was normal for me, with guest and all that visiting stuff. Dunno, kinda boring this year anyway. All my friends were back in town, so we had some fun in remembering-back-the-old-days gathering hehe.

Anyway, thats all I can write tonight. It's 5 am here so Im kinda blur ... :P


ultramonkey said...

Happy New Year!!

May this year be more happening and exciting. All the best in everything u do and best in luck in career, health and love! huahuahua.. said...

Thanks mate :)