Friday, October 26


Mmmm ... it's been a while since my last post.

Busy with life I guess. Kinda hectic these days. Workloads, test, personal problems blah blah etc ..

Owh yeah, another 3 week before the school closes down for the holidays. Anxiously waiting for it, needed the break from all this stuff.

Stress ... gah!

Adding salt to the injury, somebody hit my car last week. My sis was driving it along some parking space near Sing Kwong when some stupid lady reversed her car without looking out properly. The damage was not that bad, just some dents. What made me so angry was her respond ...

"You should have used the horn to warn me"

Yeah right ... better poke both of your eyes and give it to the Blind Society -_-"

Expect another update soon ... I have lots and lots of post to catch up with.


pat said...

haiya..malaysians always kurang ajar enti mai keta esp bala cina.**OPPSS said...

It's even worse here at Sibu, believe me on that -_-"