Wednesday, December 24

A new gadget

Bought a new gadget, Nikon D60. Got it around 2.2k. My package comes with a D60 body and one basic lens, one free bag, tripod, 2 piece of 2GB SD card, lens cleaning kit and lens filter.

Overall, I'm impressed. Pictures taken with this camera looks nice too. Looking forward to get a better lens soon, maybe a good telephoto lens for me to zoom in farther.

See below for some sample pictures I've taken.

More updates soon, stay tuned.


Desmond said...

Whoa...i would love to see that camera perform! Let's have a chat again soon as I am in Sibu now :) said...

No problem, just back pusing-pusing the town just now, 2:36am now. Encountered lotsa police on the road, maybe monitoring drunk drivers during this festive season.

Managed to get some good shots, although am still learning to use it manually. But actually, the auto settings are not that bad. Nice, I really love this new toy of mine hahaha drooling like a 6 year old kid now hehe

|| -= n|ch0L45 =- || said...

eh ... why the last pic look so familiar ah :D